Our Investment in Rezonate

When a friend of Flybridge’s first introduced us to Roy Akerman and Ori Amiga, the co-founders of Rezonate, we were immediately excited and impressed by their insights, leadership, deep technical expertise, and ability to recruit talent. Roy was previously the head of the Israeli Cyberdefense Operations, and Ori led R&D for this unit, and both received the Medal of Honor for their contributions to Israel’s National Security. After serving their country, they both had successful careers in start-up cybersecurity companies, including Cybereason, where Roy launched several new products.  

We also loved the problem they were targeting: protecting the most critical cloud systems by eliminating attackers’ opportunity to breach cloud identities and access. Securing identities and, therefore, access, for both humans and machines is the key to protecting the cloud. Yet, cloud infrastructure’s growth, complexity, and ever-changing nature make this a difficult problem to crack. Rezonate’s disruptively simple approach is to, in real-time, discover, analyze, profile, and protect every identity, user, and resource across all cloud assets, preventing and stopping attacks quickly. We introduced the company to several potential customers in our diligence and received nothing but positive feedback on their approach. The cloud security market is large and growing fast, reflecting the importance of protecting cloud assets. Analysts estimate total spending of $33B today and project a growth rate of over 18% per year to $106B in 2029.   

With strong founders with unique product insights into a significant, critical, and timely market opportunity, we were thrilled to co-lead the company’s seed round alongside State of Mind Ventures, toDay Ventures a Merlin Ventures seed fund, and several prominent angel investors. Since our investment, the company has made great strides and executed exceptionally well — building an exceptional team, developing the product (screenshot below), landing several design partners, and converting them into paying production customers. 

Rezonate recently came out of stealth mode, and has been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Forbes. We are confident in the future of this talented team and their innovative solution to cloud security! 

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