About Me

I’m a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, a venture capital firm I helped start in 2002. I also co-founded and am an Investment Partner with XFactor Ventures, a pre-seed and seed stage fund focused on companies with female founders pursuing billion-dollar opportunities.  I am an early stage investor with a focus on the information technology sector and have been a venture capitalist since 1994. Before Flybridge, I was a General Partner with Greylock Partners and prior to Greylock, I was with Company Assistance Limited, an investment and consulting firm in Warsaw Poland; and Bain and Company, an international management consulting firm. I received a BA with honors from Stanford University and an MBA with highest distinction from the Harvard Business School.


Outside of VC, I spend my time with my wife running around after our 4 kids. I am also the Board Chair at Horizons for Homeless Children. Finally, I am the only venture capitalist with his own action figure: Major Chip Hazard (pictured left)


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